I am a creative engineer who designs, develops and delivers.

who is she?

I'm a British-Filipina, technical creative passionate about growing myself, others and the world.

I think my creative/tech journey started off in the days of Windows 98 when I was this small! I loved playing around with programs like MS Paint, Publisher, Word Art, and loved making my school homework stand out.Throughout school and college my interest in digital work grew during GCSE Product Design and Digital Applications lessons, where I first learned about the design process, how to create a simple website using HTML, and entering the world of multimedia. I had a phase of being obsessed with creating Piczo websites, a.k.a home of the glittery graphics!

University gave me the opportunity to combine creativity with deeper technical knowledge, with a degree in Product Design Engineering. It was here I understood the importance of the user in design, design fundamentals and a first glimpse into software engineering. Alongside studying I dived right into volunteering Media and Marketing for various university organisations.

Since then, I dedicate myself to constant growth and learning, with a huge interest in web development and coding. I have completed the #100DaysOfCode challenge, and currently mid-way through #365DaysOfCode. I am currently a Software Engineer at Siemens, contributing to the delivery of communication/control software for the Crossrail project (new undeground line in London).
I am intrigued by all things self-development and love to read books about how we can be our best selves through self-improvement, mindset, learning and wellbeing.

As an avid charity-fundraiser I have used my skills for good. I worked with the Mayor of Swindon on the fundraising committee to design promotional graphics for charity events. The total raised over the mayoral year for the charities was over £35,000! I have also jumped out of a plane, ran a marathon, abseiled off a cathedral, and bungee jumped off a crane. Terrifying, but they did give me some new life perspectives - like anything is possible if you have 20 seconds of courage!


You can find a selection of my projects below, with more on my GitHub profile.
This site is a first iteration and is currently being improved!

Technologies I'm familiar with:

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Landing Page

A responsive landing page, using HTML, CSS and Sass.

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CSS Gradient Generator

A customisable linear gradient generator built with JavaScript.

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Translates programs written in the Nand to Tetris Hack assembly language into machine code.


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